June 1, 2013

  • whatever happens… I’m for Xanga

    Change… blah  I don’t like it much.

    They are going to WordPress?? I don’t like that much either.   I’m not good with change or with WordPress, but whatever happens… I love you Xanga.

    You’ve been a good friend to me for the last nine years.

    I hate goodbyes…

    *Edit*  If you want to keep in touch in case of xangapocalypse….. please message me and we can exchange other avenues. :)

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  • now I know for sure we’re related…you wouldn’t have to say goodbye to me though, I’ll find a way to keep up with you, kinda like a stalker, only friendlier – ilym

  • @mlbncsga - THAT cheers me up!! :)   Keep in touch cousin. <3

  • I too have enjoyed your friendship here on Xanga. ♥

  • I have an account in WordPress and I am re-checking it out. I will miss Xanga but hope the fundraiser works.

  • Xanga has been good to me. I have made many lasting friendships here

  • @dingdongdingbat - yes, I too. :) keep Maui warm for us. lol

  • I’ve never used WordPress.com, but the WordPress.org installation I like very much. Customizable.

    But I digress.


  • I think I will go to WordPress, because they can transfer all my xanga posts (for a price of course). I hate change too. :(

  • I don’t like change or goodbyes, but we can’t avoid either. I’m also hoping Xanga 2.0 becomes a reality, otherwise I’ll probably end up blogging at WordPress (I already have a site there that I set up as a holding place a few years ago). I’ve gotten so used to Xanga; I still use the old editor; so either way, I’ll have some learning to do.

    (hugs) and Christ’s blessings,Karen

  • @cerwindoris - Hi Doris, Would you be able to message me the info. you received about WordPress transferring your Xanga posts? Thanks so much!

  • @naphtali_deer - No, you’re right. I guess I’ve got some learning to do. :) Thanks!

    @cerwindoris - Maybe we’ll see you there then. :)

  • @naphtali_deer - Wordpress is hosted by Bluehost – as I understand it. :) Bluehost will migrate my xanga information for $100.00 or help me do it for a lesser price – something like $30.00. The very helpful tech that I was talking to is calling me tomorrow to give me more information.

    Do you have a website on WordPress – and what is it? I understand I will have a lot more options there than with Xanga.. I will start out simple and try to get creative as I learn about the site.

    Since we will be delivering a mobile chapel to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in July and doing some visiting on the way home, I decided to change now, so I am partially familiar with WordPress by the time we go on the trip.

  • @Tempguestbrief - We’ll be learning together… along with lots of other Xangans! o.O

    @cerwindoris - Thanks so very much for the info.! (I also received your message.) I’ll be waiting to see how the “fundraiser” goes, and then may end up contacting them as needed.

  •  I’m sure we will keep in touch.

  • Wait…is Xanga going away? Like, are they turning themselves over to WordPress the way Kodakgallery turned themselves over to Shutterfly?

    I don’t like that, even though I’m not around much. Will you come back to Facebook?

  • When does this happen? I”m going to want to save some of my posts!

  • I agree , Rhonda .

    I am not keen of WordPress either .
    Wait and see !
    Take care of you, Love


  • @BigToePeople - Go to your Settings and then Archive and request an archive of your post. By the next day it should be ready for you to download. If you check out @Edlives, he’s got the latest on Xanga’s planned restructuring (if they can come up with the funds). 

  • @BigToePeople - The plan is to create a new Xanga built on WordPress’s platform, and move people’s blogs over there. It will still be called Xanga. If it happens.

  • I’m so confused….I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    Skype….   thom.newnham

    email,  thomnewnham@yahoo.com

    Facebook…big surprise, Thom Newnham

    You are one I don’t want to lose!!

  • @Bricker59 - Since I have Premium/Lifetime… I am going to wait and see if they get the funds for the new xanga…if they do, I will let them move my stuff over. I know they will have the wordpress site all set up for xanga community then.  If they do NOT get the total funding, then my xanga will close down but I’ve archived and downloaded all my past posts/pulses and photos. So I will start a new Guestbrief site at wordpress (for free but with less community features) on my own.

    You should ask them to archive your past posts etc because they are doing that for free now for everybody not just premium accts. :)   When they get it set, you just go back to the archives and download it all…very easy.

  • Ahhh,  this is very informative. Thanks. I have opened a WordPress account and even used it one time. I’m not comfortable with change either.


  • Change is tough but maybe it will turn out ok.

  • @wematter - thanks, I hope so…

  • Message me with your info on how to keep in touch. I have a wordpress though I’m not fond of wordpress. 

  • @Roadkill_Spatula - Thanks! I think my archives worked! I just saved them to my computer.

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