June 18, 2013

  • My Xanga-biography

    A Xanga Autobiography by Guestbrief

    (stolen from @Myxldove and @Thatslifekid)

    Xanga Username:  tempguestbrief… was originally guestbrief

    Xanga Birthdate: I entered the Xangaverse in May 2005

    Xanga Badges:  Lifetime… had True under Guestbrief but had to start over…

    Xanga Profile Picture:  changes, but at the moment my MANGA self portrait

    First Xanga Friend:  a pastor who said it was too sad to have 0 friends. :)

    Subsequent Early Xanga Friends: @daisymae81 and @Godfather56 and the Heartbeat blogring and then @My_HAT_is_older_than_you was a good friend

    Xanga BFFs: I think I’d consider @mlbncsga, @gail2, @stephensmustang, @seedsower, and @wildwomanofthewest very good friends.

    Xanga Family: Nobody in my family even does blogging.

    Other Close Xanga Pals: @Traintrack is a very good friend, @Bigtoepeople is a special friend, @Texasjillcarmel is a friend who also lives in Tx, @fauquet is a good friend who lives on the other side of the world. @buddy71, @wematter, @vexations, @neeka1, @rojobe and @aloysius_son and @lgailgarrett are photographers and artists that I love.

    Xangans Who’ve Moved On But Are Worth Mentioning:  @jfwylie is a sweetie

    Xanga Likes:  Meeting some people from around here, seeing life through other’s photographic efforts, reading people’s stories or their philosophies… The Xanga community is my next door neighborhood. I know these people better than the people on my road (who are few anyway).

    Xanga Dislikes:  I don’t care for the so called “drama” times…

    Official Xanga Achievements: I got a picture of one of my twins on a Xanga Calendar (2010 I think) :) … is that official???

    Unofficial Xanga Achievements: over 200 friends at one time and many subscribers… not much noticeable stuff for me though. Featured on Seedsower’s “Shoutout” series HERE.
    Thanks Beth!!!

    Recommending Habit:  I rec when I think a blog is really well done, or has great “heart”… or if I like it a whole lot or it made me laugh. : J

    Commenting Habit:  I will comment if I think of something to say or if something moves me.

    Timestamping:  I timestamp a couple times to get comments from different groups of people or if I think a lot of my friends missed the post…. but I try not to overdo it. lol

    Protected Posting: no, not much anymore.

    Xanga Themes:  The theme I have now was designed by @Krisology for me personally and I LOVE it. I wish I could take it with me. I have taken a screenshot of it, so if xanga goes down I will have a record of the lovely job she did for me. :)

    Xanga Pulse:  I pulse sometimes

    Xanga Plugz: I don’t really have a need to advertise anything.

    Xanga Hopes:  I hope that my Xanga neighborhood doesn’t get torn down in the construction era of “progress” but if it does I will continue to look for my neighbors on the web at www.guestbrief.wordpress.com.

    Last Words:  I love you! Hugs and blessings.

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