Month: October 2013

  • My camera has gotten Serious….

    serious handgrip 3lens GripOn FromTheFront Grip1 Grip2 FiringButton AllTogether looksGoodTogether


    So I have always been a little awkward taking pictures with my iPhone….  I have finally found a way for my phone camera to be taken seriously! lol


    Two little attachments are going to make a world of difference. One is a grip/firing button and the other is a three in one lens that goes on top of the phone’s lens.

    After all, it doesn’t do much good to be able to take HDR pics from your phone if you can’t hold the camera still enough to focus sharply.  I was averaging about 50% focused pics so every four pictures I took, two would be focused. But with this new grip all that is changed!  **happy dance**


    The grip slides onto the right side of the phone and has a usb pin that fits into the charging port on the bottom of the phone. It fits around the slim case that I have on most often or you can take the cover off and use it like I have it in the pictures.  With the pin in the slot you can run an app made by Belkin that allows the phone to fire using the red button on the grip. Very nice to have a hot button!!! The black button is for stills and will do rapid/continuous firing if you hold it down. The red dot is for video… push once to start and again to stop.  I very rarely use video on my phone, but it’s nice that the option is there.  The grip feels very balanced and secure. The whole camera turns as a single unit and feels good in the hand.  The grip also has a tripod screw mount on the bottom so now the camera/phone can be mounted for a timer shot. So Useful!!!

    The 3in1 lens just slides onto the corner of the iPhone that has the lens. One side is a Fisheye lens that really makes the “bubble” show up and gets a wide shot at once. Good for special effects. The other side is a closer in lens and if you screw that off  all of a sudden you have a wonderful Macro lens for extreme closeups!!   I LOVE MACRO SHOTS!!!!  I will probably use that lens more than anything else for special effects and for posting things that are small or detailed.


    All in all, I am excited to have these attachments and I just happen to be visiting the beach soon… so maybe I will have some special photos to show you later!.


    hugs and blessings!!!!!!




    Psalms 36:9…..For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light.