November 9, 2013

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    I was challenged by AloysiusSon to post my top ten……___________??


    So here they are…


    I have TEN children……   Kelli, Andrew, Christopher, Mike, Rachel, Ben, Beth, Katherine, Lindy, and Lissy


    That is my favorite group of Tens!! :)


    That means there are TEN Hearts in my family…..



    That is a Heart Puddle!

    I also like FLowers!



    There are 20 flowers in this picture that is TWO Tens of Sunny Sunflowers from the beach…..


    I picked a basket of red jalepeno peppers….  there are 20 that I can count…. that’s two tens


    I liked these peppers because they made my friend Connie very happy…. <3


    I also like pears…..   each one of these flowers had the chance to become pears. Ten flowers = Ten Pears!!


    Ten Pears =  yummy pear sauce. :)



    Ten is a wonderful number and is brought to you tonight by me and AloysiusSon…… lol






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  • Perfect sets of ten! All of the photos are wonderful – I especially like the family portrait and the heart puddle!

  • Do you really have 10 children? I have 7, and am glad for each one. The pear blossoms are so pretty.

  • I love the photo of your 10 children!

  • Really you have ten children!? I don’t know how any woman manages it.
    The photo of your family is lovely. Wish I felt I could have done it.
    As far as I’m concerned that was all you needed to post. :-)

  • a great post of ten!!! you have a great looking family

  • WOW I could not get past the first one—10 children–Good for you!!!

  • Nice photos, I always like your pear tree flowers. You must have a large dining table :D

  • 10 Children! As long as they help out around the house and yard I suppose I could handle that. No room for lazy bones with that many mouths to feed and clothes to wash!

  • wow that is a big family. We had 8 and 10 with mom and dad.

  • YOur family is beautiful. You must be one strong woman to have so many kids!!
    And those red peppers seem to be in Technicolor!

  • This is a wonderful 10 post.
    How wonderful to see your precious family.
    I wouldn’t have guessed those were pear flowers, so I am glad you told us. They remind me of cherry blossoms, just albino. :)
    The peppers are so shiny and lovely, but I know I don’t have a palette for very hot tastes. I am sure for those that do, they were great.

  • Wondeerful,Rhonda. I did not remember we got 10 children.they form a beautiful group of Tens .
    you have well answered to Aloysius_son. You are a flower who gave ten fruits.

  • beautiful kids and beautiful 10′s.

  • Nice! How old is your oldest child now? I have a hard time thinking that I have a daughter who is 36! Wow! Seems like just yesterday she was a little peanut.

  • great post and I LOVE that pic of your family

  • Ten Hearts beating as one…this is the best top ten list ever!!!!! ilym

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