May 10, 2013

  • A friend’s survey…

    Ok, here are my 16 facts, habits or goals.  If you’ve been tagged, please complete and tag me.  Don’t forget to tag 10 of your friends.

    1)      I have been on xanga for almost nine years now.

    2)      I love extremely complex logical problems

    3)      I am an alto, but I can sing second soprano if needed.

    4)      I have four boys and six girls… YES that is ten children.

    5)      I love the desert!

    6)      I love the beach… if I can see through the water. I must see what is nudging me…!!

    7)      I once played basketball on roller skates.

    8)      I am finishing my EE degree.

    9)      I went to Disneyland on my honeymoon.

    10)   I hiked in the piney woods of Az when I was 9-12.

    11)   One of my girls was born in Germany.

    12)   I play piano, flute, and oboe.

    13)   My dh keeps threatening to move us to New Zealand.

    14)   I am the wife of an elder.

    15)   I love camping.

    16)   One of my sisters has eight children, the other is unmarried.

    There you go @TrainTrack, fun survey!!

    I tag  @seedsower, @jaynebug, @vexations, @zsa_md, @Texasjillcarmel, @fauquet, @wildwomanofthewest, @murisopsis, @ata_grandma, @LGailGarrett, @buddy71,@saintvi, @mlbncsga, @dingdongdingbat, @plantinthewindow, @slmret, @stephensmustang

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  • Very interesting, I love large families, you home schooled the whole crew? I enjoy reading personal facts.

  • I too like learning about the people behind the blogs. I hope several of your tagged friends do take the challenge, so we can also learn something new (perhaps) about them.

  • You are an interesting person. Thank you for including me. I like when people tag me and rec..  I have no idea what to write …mine is all so boring. 

  • @seedsower - Yes I did. Two have gone through college and brought a degree home, one is an outdoors guy and a blacksmith. One is just finishing with high school and learning Japanese…The rest are still in grade school. :)

  • @Crystalinne - I hope so too, thanks for subbing and come by any time. :)

  • @LGailGarrett - What you have done may be boring to you, but to others who don’t know about it can be very interesting! :) Such as…how did you come to be a painter/artist? I love your dancer painting.  Glad you came by.

  • It is really interesting to learn so much about you. I had no idea you had so many children. Thank you for sharing the information. I will try to do this when I am on my desktop computer. I am limited when I am using this iPod.

  • have you ever noticed you have many similarities to me? DH = Designated Hitter?

  • I got tagged.

     I knew you pretty well but I didn’t know about Disneyland on your honeymoon.

  • Very revealing! Have you read The Harbinger? About God and an ancient mystery revealed… Recommended! God speed, ~ Pete

  • Learning new stuff all the time; -)  Will do this soon.

  • @TrainTrack – I have noticed that!! :)

  • This was most interesting! Thank you for sharing…

  • @Texasjillcarmel - Yes, it was my dh’s idea but I enjoyed it. We both liked cameras and photography and there was a lot of cool things to snap. :)

  • @Evangelist_Guy - I have not, but I”ll look for it. Thanks :)

  • @stephensmustang - yes, no pressure friend. :)

  • @armnatmom - you’re welcome! I enjoyed your survey too.

  • @Tempguestbrief - hubby and I went to San Antonio on the river walk and it was very romantic,too.

  • I did a post with my 16 truths but can’t tag using my iPod.

  • Dude, # 3!  Wow!  Not many people have that kind a range.

  • Interesting answers . I knew nothing of this before, Rhonda, even though  there is a long time we met on Xanga .

    I wish you a happy Mother’s Day.


  • @Evangelist_Guy - we spent two years in Germany for the company he works for and he would like to go somewhere again… one of the options is NZ.  I had seven children when we moved before, don’t really want to do it with ten… he’s teasing me pretty

  • Hi, Did you know that someone considers you precious? God bless, ~ Pete

    “Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored, and I have loved you…” Isaiah 43:4 (ref. my Xanga post of 5/16/2013 AD)

  • @Evangelist_Guy - I have known and loved that scripture all my life.  But I can always use a reminder. Thanks! :)

  • Great survey! 

    If you get the chance to move to New Zealand, DO IT!!!!! Of all my travels, that is somewhere where I long to return. If I was rich, and I likely never will be, but if I was (were? I’m the English teacher, but I have no idea which verb to use) then I’d own a 2nd home in New Zealand. There’s something utterly healthy about the culture in that country. Take the tree hugger mentality, remove the stigma and the political view, and you have a major element of the country. They recycle, care about their environment, but not in a weird way. And you see more healthy food eateries than fast food. I would never live there instead of the USA, as in forever, but I sure would love to live there part time or for just a few years!!! My fertility doctor took a few years and practiced medicine there while her husband and 2 boys (early teens then) joined her. Then God called her to NM.
    I love your musical abilities!
    I’ve always thought Disney World was a romantic place. I’ve never made it to Disney Land.

  • I think I knew all this except the New Zealand part…I think I would move there too, except I’d want all my family to be there also…ilym…thanks for the tag, I’ll try to put mine up this week.

  • Thanks for sharing and thanks for the rec. on my site today. 

  • I have much appreciated your kind visit,Rhonda .


  • I didn’t realize you have 10 children.  I only have 7 and my brother has 5.  I was already tagged and posted my 16 things, but I can’t remember when.  It was before my grand-daughter got sick.  Thanks so much for praying for her.

  • Rhonda, these are great facts. Loved reading them. I see you have tagged me. Okay, I shall try to get the 16 facts together sometime next week.

  • THat was fun to read about you!! i enjoy these fun surveys  Have a great weekend!

  • I come here to thank for your visit Rhonda. At I re-read your list about yourself . I realize you are a discete person gifted with a lot of talents , a devoted spouse and mother, a sportwoman and a musician .
     But I still do not know what state of the US you live in  . I presume it is in the US but during a long time I imagined you were living in UK .. I do not know why ?


    Michel .

  • Whoa! Ten kids, and still having the time management/mental faculty to get an EE degree…MOST impressive! Not surprised you are married to an elder…his prayers were answered. :)

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