September 4, 2013


    Does anyone know how to change out of this “stiff as formal gardens” font??

    I have, at least, learned how to post pictures.

    Yay for me…

    Not sure what I’m doing yet,

    but I am sure of one thing:

    I’m glad you’re here!! :)


    …Blessings!! :)

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  • I’m not too concerned with the font thing yet. I’m still trying to figure out the photos!

  • Use the quick post editor and drag and drop basically off your desktop. That’s what I did and it worked fairly painlessly. :)

  • How did you post your photos? I would love to know that.

    • I went to the page where you can read comments or the page where you can read others’ posts and clicked on “Posts”… on the sidebar. Then I clicked on “Add New”…. that took me to the “quick editor”… where there is a box for you to type in and a button above it that says add “media”… Pictures are a type of media. When I clicked on add media, it said “drag and drop”… which means if you have a photo icon on your desktop of that one file, you can click on the photo and drag it over to the “drag and drop” area and let go of the mouse button. Then it proceeds to upload your photo to the site. After that you can say Publish to your page. :) There’s got to be a tutorial around here somewhere. If nothing else, go to and start a new dummy site on another name just long enough to read the tutorials.?? hth

  • I am trying not to do too much at once…

  • The rose is the queen of flowers . Bravo Rhonda!

  • Lovely rose! I was happy to figure out the photo part. Whew! So far so good. Glad you’re here too!

  • hi there! can you access my site?

    • I can’t get to your page, have you signed in yet??

  • Glad that you are here too!

  • I’m glad I’m here too (I think). And I’m glad you and a few others are here.

  • Did you figure it out?

    • I figured out that to reply, I have to do it at the comment approval page… :)

  • I don’t think that we can change fonts, yet. What we have for now is pretty basic WordPress.
    Yes, finding, reading, and replying to comments is a little tedious. On old Xanga, if you backed up after you commented, your comment went away, so I’ve been going through the whole “my sites,” “dashboard,” “reading” process.

    • I’m still learning how to get around. If I reply to your comment, do you get notified at all?? And where??

  • Thank you Rhonda for the detailed directions. I am now able to post pictures. Love the roses you have here.

  • Ah, I now realize that, if I want to see if you replied to my comment, I actually have to come back to the blog and look.
    And to reply to your reply, I guess I just have to use the comment box again.

  • Lovely rose. My font is not this bold so I don’t think you can change the font yet.

  • RYC : thanks for your kind comment,Rhonda . We have to get new habits and this will be progressive .
    About the feature reply I have the impression the replies stay on the site and are not sent

  • If you notice that names in comments are no longer clickable and the avatars lead to a ‘not found’ page, do this: Top right, of your screen where your cute lil avatar is, chose Edit Profile. Scroll through and look for the space next to Website. Add in your xanga address (eg. and this make it so that your name becomes a clickable link
    This has been taught to me by two xangans and this works . For instance click on my name below.

  • Well I finally got here…I’ve not been able to access your page, or ZSA, or Humor me Now, or well a bunch of folks…I don’t think we can change the font yet, but McBery has a different font, I wonder if she copied and pasted…I don’t know, but I’m glad your still here <3 ilym

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