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  • True , I had to put again the missing photos in my last entries in uploading them from “my documents”

  • I’m pretty sure you can I posted an old gif pic on my xanga photos post.

  • Can you copy and paste them? Try using Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. (I haven’t tried it yet — just wondered.)

  • Well guess our new and improved is noe so improved but we can atleast see each other on here

  • but where is that photo of you?

  • what I do is store all my photos at Walgreens internet and all I have to do is go back and pull them up to get them.
    Are you talking about our old blogs and how a lot of the photos did not carry over and have an x in a square?

  • I hope you will be able to post it Rhonda. Try what Janet has said.

  • How do I get my posts to be full screen and not just a column?

  • some people seem to be absent

  • I’ve been copy and pasting my photo’s too. If you highlight a picture or text, left click your mouse and hover over the area to be copied, then you can copy the highlighted area by right clicking the mouse and selecting copy, then you can go to your blog and right click again and select paste where your cursor is. Of course I bet you already know all this…ilym

  • Hmmn…good discussion as I can see photos stored under the Xanga photos side bar but not able to access to insert in a new post. Any new photos have to download from my laptop into the WP media file and yes some old ones missing…

  • So for those of you above….whose name is in white and not green…some basic advice from Michel…I have well received your comment but I cannot join your site because your name is not a link . Here is a tip given by two xangans:

    “If you notice that names in comments are no longer clickable , do this: Top right, of your screen , chose Edit Profile. Scroll through and look for the space next to Website. Add in your xanga address (eg. and this make it so that your name becomes a clickable link. “

  • I think some things are improving slowly. I discovered some new things along the way. I guess if there was no change we’d still be driving horse and buggy. :D Actually that might be a good thing when power grids go down forever. I should stop scaring me! :-)

    • horse and buggy might be a nice peaceful change for a while… but I think very few would actually welcome them. I can see them working on things here, we just didn’t realize how good we had it there. lol

  • I was happy to receive your comment .
    RYC :yes “Fauquet” is a frequent name . I was not so surprised to find it on a store.

  • Go to your photos and copy and paste the web http link directly into your post and the photos should appear. It worked for me!

  • Do you live in TX? We will be in the Dallas area except for the day we go to see Jill. My daughter babysits, and also has a retarded daughter, so it’s hard for her to get away. Are you on Xanga friends on FB?

  • oops, sorry, I forgot I’m not supposed to say retarded. Developmentally very delayed.

  • RYC:Rhonda , I said your handbag was loaded with a treasure !:-)

  • Sorry I didn’t get to meet you. Maybe next time. We were very busy. My daughter says next time she will try to take more time off work so we can do more. I held lots of babies.

  • About the photos you should have a choice between thumbnail ( the one above), average size and full size . Please Rhonda make again a try.

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