Month: June 2013

  • Supermoon, beach, etc.

    A friend had his wedding at the beach this weekend.
    The wedding was casual, quiet and short.
    The beach was awesome.
    The moon was spectacular and thoroughly worth it!

  • My Xanga-biography

    A Xanga Autobiography by Guestbrief

    (stolen from @Myxldove and @Thatslifekid)

    Xanga Username:  tempguestbrief… was originally guestbrief

    Xanga Birthdate: I entered the Xangaverse in May 2005

    Xanga Badges:  Lifetime… had True under Guestbrief but had to start over…

    Xanga Profile Picture:  changes, but at the moment my MANGA self portrait

    First Xanga Friend:  a pastor who said it was too sad to have 0 friends. :)

    Subsequent Early Xanga Friends: @daisymae81 and @Godfather56 and the Heartbeat blogring and then @My_HAT_is_older_than_you was a good friend

    Xanga BFFs: I think I’d consider @mlbncsga, @gail2, @stephensmustang, @seedsower, and @wildwomanofthewest very good friends.

    Xanga Family: Nobody in my family even does blogging.

    Other Close Xanga Pals: @Traintrack is a very good friend, @Bigtoepeople is a special friend, @Texasjillcarmel is a friend who also lives in Tx, @fauquet is a good friend who lives on the other side of the world. @buddy71, @wematter, @vexations, @neeka1, @rojobe and @aloysius_son and @lgailgarrett are photographers and artists that I love.

    Xangans Who’ve Moved On But Are Worth Mentioning:  @jfwylie is a sweetie

    Xanga Likes:  Meeting some people from around here, seeing life through other’s photographic efforts, reading people’s stories or their philosophies… The Xanga community is my next door neighborhood. I know these people better than the people on my road (who are few anyway).

    Xanga Dislikes:  I don’t care for the so called “drama” times…

    Official Xanga Achievements: I got a picture of one of my twins on a Xanga Calendar (2010 I think) :) … is that official???

    Unofficial Xanga Achievements: over 200 friends at one time and many subscribers… not much noticeable stuff for me though. Featured on Seedsower’s “Shoutout” series HERE.
    Thanks Beth!!!

    Recommending Habit:  I rec when I think a blog is really well done, or has great “heart”… or if I like it a whole lot or it made me laugh. : J

    Commenting Habit:  I will comment if I think of something to say or if something moves me.

    Timestamping:  I timestamp a couple times to get comments from different groups of people or if I think a lot of my friends missed the post…. but I try not to overdo it. lol

    Protected Posting: no, not much anymore.

    Xanga Themes:  The theme I have now was designed by @Krisology for me personally and I LOVE it. I wish I could take it with me. I have taken a screenshot of it, so if xanga goes down I will have a record of the lovely job she did for me. :)

    Xanga Pulse:  I pulse sometimes

    Xanga Plugz: I don’t really have a need to advertise anything.

    Xanga Hopes:  I hope that my Xanga neighborhood doesn’t get torn down in the construction era of “progress” but if it does I will continue to look for my neighbors on the web at

    Last Words:  I love you! Hugs and blessings.

  • Whatup Xanga?

    So are you GIVING UP on Xanga already???

    It will be a cold day in August before I give up on someone I love:

    But no,  They are Working hard at getting a new Xanga base ready…

    So what are YOU doing to get ready for the switch over??

    Are you counting the days? 
    Are you archiving your files? 
    Making new posts??
    Reading about the changes?edlives, donkey-guy, saintvi, justfinethanku?

    Are you committed??
    Is there a stone you’ve left unturned?????



    The new site is going to be like opening presents at Christmas!! :)

    So hang in there and pledge if you can,
    or make a new wordpress site and lurk…if you will:

    Don’t ride off into the sunset ……just yet…..

                  And hugs, jic…lol

  • whatever happens… I’m for Xanga

    Change… blah  I don’t like it much.

    They are going to WordPress?? I don’t like that much either.   I’m not good with change or with WordPress, but whatever happens… I love you Xanga.

    You’ve been a good friend to me for the last nine years.

    I hate goodbyes…

    *Edit*  If you want to keep in touch in case of xangapocalypse….. please message me and we can exchange other avenues. :)