June 13, 2013

  • Whatup Xanga?

    So are you GIVING UP on Xanga already???

    It will be a cold day in August before I give up on someone I love:

    But no,  They are Working hard at getting a new Xanga base ready…

    So what are YOU doing to get ready for the switch over??

    Are you counting the days? 
    Are you archiving your files? 
    Making new posts??
    Reading about the changes?edlives, donkey-guy, saintvi, justfinethanku?

    Are you committed??
    Is there a stone you’ve left unturned?????



    The new site is going to be like opening presents at Christmas!! :)

    So hang in there and pledge if you can,
    or make a new wordpress site and lurk…if you will:

    Don’t ride off into the sunset ……just yet…..

                  And hugs, jic…lol

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  • I haven’t downloaded my archives yet, but I will – JIC. Actually, that’s something I do once or twice a year anyway and I need to get an archive downloaded to this computer regardless of the relaunch effort’s outcome.

  • @saintvi - you should always backup your files… I’m expecting to see your witty writings in a book someday…and just think I can say I was there at the beginning….!!!! <3
    Thanks for the rec too!

  • I ponied up this morning. And I plan to start archiving. Where is their archive – I submitted for it, too.

  • I did download my posts and my computer crashed. Now I’m in limbo. Using iPod or netbook to communicate for now!

  • Present and accounted for, sir.  I mean, ma’am.

    Files are downloaded.
    Waiting to hear back from one more person, then I can make my pledges.
    Writing new posts.
    Reading and commenting more, which is cutting into my harass the chihuahuas time.
    Reading xanga relaunch updates.
    Trying to keep connected to all of my friends who have moved over to WP. 

    Wild Woman refuses to ride off into the sunset, well, the virtual one anyway. She’s staying with the herd until we are forced to other pastures.

  • I archived my posts just in case, but I’m not riding anywhere.  

  • @rnjennison – you go back to the same page to download the archived files…

  • @dingdongdingbat - you’re dedicated!!  I was reading earlier from my phone… :)

  • I will be here to the very end, if there is an end. I will turn the light off, put the cat out, and lock the door.

  • @TrainTrack – it’s good to know you’ll be taking care of things… :)

  • I’m going to borrow a printer, so while I’m archiving I can also start printing my book for my kids to read someday….wish I could fix my own printer.

    I’ve pledged and am continuing to blog whenever my brain frees up.

  • God Bless You for this post. I have not archived all my posts  yet But I don’t have to save much. I have always backed my files up every two months, so I am fairly comfortable. I honestly do not believe Xanga will fold over. I read @slmret’s post and it makes me feel good about Xanga. I have pledged. I hope all the members of Xanga would get their act together and pledge. It will be so good to open the page on the 16th of July and shout YAY!

    I am not going anywhere. I am planning to be here till the very end.

  • @ZSA_MD - I’m glad…. I’ll be here too. Thanks for the rec! :)

  • @quest4god@revelife - there you go! a printer fixing friend would be good. :)

  • I agree! Should be fun, maybe.

  • It’s interesting to see who steps up to the plate in a situation as this one. Very good post sort of inspiring but humorous too, the way it’s presented.

  • @wematter - I’m glad you found it so. :)

  • Many people love Xanga , however how many people left during the previous years?
    I hope xanga continues . I wonder how the Xanga team succeeded to make Xanga running and all of a sudden it seems impossible ??? I confess I have not well understood . Not clear .
     About saving  my entries, I always made this along the years . I made a recapituative entry and in the same time I copied and pasted my pages on Words on a external hard drive  , year to year .
    I have only the pages of 2013 to save .

    But I keep hope.
    Love              Michel

  • Thanks for this amusing pep talk!!! I have downloaded archives, jic, and will submit my pledge today for me and one other.

  • @slmret - @seedsower - Yay!! for you both!! :) so glad

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